Kennels and Special Dog Training Center in Almaty

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Kennels and Special Dog Training Center in Almaty

We are professional dog training specialists with extensive practical experience trained at the best dog training schools in Germany, USA, France, Japan and the UK and we offer you the following services in Almaty:

Specialist training for dog handler and dogs:

  1. Training of dog handlers and special search dogs for drugs, explosives, guns;
  2. Guard dog training for offices or personal security;
  3. Find and choose the right dog for you;
  4. Other specially trained dogs.

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Services for your dog:

  1. Training: general training courses, IPO, behavior correction, urban and city training, guard and protection training, agility;
  2. Recommendations of animal-psychologist;
  3. Vet services;
  4. Kennel services: we offer to place your dog in a modern kennel, located at ecologically clean foot-hills area, where your pet will be provided with the best care in open air cages, indoors cages, professional food of famous world producers, vet services, training etc.
  5. A comprehensive range of dog products.

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If you need a friend:
1) We help to find a home for homeless dogs
2) Sell/buy                     



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